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tiny nipples

"What is a holiday, especially christmas, without some really nasty smut?
I mean it´s just not holiday."

Wise words, whispered by the hottest voice in podcast universe, the voice of Violet Blue as she starts to read from The Merry XXXmas Book of Erotica by Alison Tyler -- "Santa's Favorite Elf" by Molly Laster, with spanked feminine behinds and spontaneous lesbian exhibitionism; "Trimming The Tree" by Alex Mendra, featuring handcuffs and forced blowjobs; and N.T. Morley's "Christmas Morning", including a very unusual sex toy as a prelude to intense anal sex.
And if you won´t close your eyes while listening to Open Source Sex 24: Hot(ter)Holiday Smut you can enjoy the kinky fun accompanied by a slideshow of snowy smut from the daily siege, some shown here to tickle your curiosity.

enjoy the aural delights