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shot by Kern

Richard Kern, no he´s not the lucky boy in the center of felicitousness shown here (even so this would describe his blissed life very well),came to underground prominence with erotic films featuring underground rock personalities of the 80s such as Lydia Lunch. The beauty shown here is from his personal page, New Nude City.

VBS started a new series called Shot by Kern. They’ve been accompanying the photographic legend and connoisseur of the female form on his shoots and talking to both him and his models.

You can see the first three episodes here at fluffy Lychees

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celebrating the art of orgasm

no one does this better than I feel myself as you can see by these stills
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So inside us all is that naughty, cavorting sexual divinity, and I say come with me and set them free.
Ciandra IFM


by Clayton Cubitt

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explicite shot some delicious videos of Zoe.

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Sue, Ann and Vera

Three bunnies having fun. Sensual enjoyment from girls out west

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